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What we offer

Our consultancy is based on a comprehensive syllabus developed by us.


The chapters we will be working on:



1- Is an international move possible in my case? Is it worth it? How much does this cost?

From full service to DIY


2- How do I choose a company? What do I take into account? May I hire a company witch is based in my destination country?


3- What can I ship abroad? Which of my articles, although permitted, are too risky? How to avoid my container being crushed by customs.


4- Are we actually deciding for us or for our stuff? Are we our stuff? Am I my household? About being and having.


5- How do they calculate the costs? And the size of my household?


6- How much time ahead do we need to plan an international relocation?


7- In witch cases do customs levy an import tax on my belongings?


8- In case of full service: why do we get so much homework to do if we’re paying a company to manage the move?


9- What happens to my household if I don’t want to ship it immediately?


10- Which is the best time of the year to ship my household? Why seasons matter and how German carnival cost me 1.000 Euros extra fee. About storage, laytime, demurrage and detention fees.

An easy and important approach.


11- How is the company’s procedure on my “D-Day”? Why is the control of every step crucial?


12- What if we can’t find a house before my container arrives? How do I minimise the extra costs? About affordable storage and why storing a container is prohibitive.


13- Which are the most remarkable aspects you must vehemently pay attention to? Beware the traps.


14- Why can´t they use the same boxes and package material we use in domestic moves?


15- How are they supposed to pack our stuff? Well, they probably know what they’re doing, don’t they? You’ll be surprised….


16- Why is the classic packing performed by movers suboptimal, causing chaos when I redecorate my new home?


17- Why do so many mistakes occur during planning, boxing and loading and how can we avoid them? I thought I had contracted professionals….


18- Why are we suddenly dealing with 2 companies and not exclusively with the one we contracted? Why this matters and spotting the traps ahead.

Who is to be held accountable in case of a complaint?

Avoid breaking your neck.


19- Why is the ultimate full service usually impossible to fulfil? Am I paying for hot air?


20- Political risks, higher force- is there something they won’t tell me? Who’s the bad guy who is blamed for everything that goes wrong?


21- How come an international move is such an advantageous business?


22-Why haven’t we talked about my moving company’s payment options yet?

When are they going to charge for the different services?