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How it is done

How do we come together for the consultancy?


You can check the dates available online in our booking site. Bear in mind that our local time is Brasilia (GMT -3).


After clicking on the “Booking” button on the navigation bar you will be directed to our booking site.


After booking you will receive an email and be required to inform us your billing address and the chosen payment method. We accept payments with Paypal or by bank transfer to one of our bank accounts. We have accounts in Brazil, in the EU, in the USA, in Switzerland and in China.


In the next step we will send you an invoice payable within one day together with the right bank details. Your scheduled appointment will remain reserved for you for 48h.


We will also send you the Consulting Agreement which can easily be signed online.


After payment receipt and the signing of the Consulting Agreement we will confirm your appointment and send you a questionnaire you will be required to fill out regarding your moving and household details. We will also ask you to send us enough pictures of the stuff you are planning to take with you.


We follow all Brazilian and international data protection laws. Neither your data nor your pictures will be sent to any third party. The photos remain your intellectual property.


We will schedule a Zoom Meeting that will last approximately 4 hours. During the conference we will work through the 22 chapters of the shipping-my-life relocation consultancy with emphasis on your family´s needs.


In the ideal situation you will be attending the meeting at your residential place, so we can move your phone/laptop/camera around and review the household articles you´re planning to relocate.

We know, you already have sent your pictures. It is nevertheless of great advantage to see it “live and in colours” rather than just on pictures. We have a well-trained eye and see what you may not be paying attention to so far. But that´s what we are going to change anyway and you will be able to spot the traps beforehand.


So it is possible to tackle this very theme, discussing pros and cons of relocating certain objects and also giving the best packing and customs tips.


You don´t need a Zoom account and you also do not need to register. You will be invited as a participant.


Data Protection:

In case you don´t want to send us your personal information via email you can sign up in our site, your information will be sent encrypted to our servers in Switzerland.

After payment we will activate your account. After logging in you may upload the questionnaire and the pictures encrypted directly via your account.