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what is the matter with international moves

You may ask yourself: why is it that international moves are overshadowed with complaints and failures?


The source of most issues is the logistics industry itself. Private moves are but a special transport mode within the logistics of wares. Your container is seen and treated like a load of commerce items, with some tax exemptions where these are applicable.

Since the advent of containerization logistics was optimized into a science fiction-like hyper inflated and partially automated structure that could minimize costs utilizing a production line handling and boosting the quantity building ever increasing ships.

With the cracking amount of containers being shipped daily around the globe the handling time was shortened, the fare prices and the insurance costs dropped dramatically


You heard this before...time is money...and money makes the world go on....


That´s the business principle: build bigger and bigger ships to carry more and more containers, much more than the amount suitable for the ship. You heard it right.


We should be fair and acknowledge that this very cost structure is the reason you can ship your stuff overseas in the first place. Otherwise it wouldn’t be affordable for most people.

But for private customers shipping their belongings the system has indeed its flaws.


As you see, logistics is a true reflection of our world.


We know exactly what your container is for you: it is the place where your household is put for a rest until you receive it back in a new home. Your household is everything that accompanies your family, we are aware that your things were acquired with the sweat of your work, some are pieces your family has been cherishing for generations. It´ s the beautiful memories you collected from your travels, unforgettable moments frozen in pictures, breathtaking artwork, your partner´s granny´s china and your kid´s toys.


In a sense it is really your life that is being packed and shipped.

This is our motivation and why we love to be advocates of people who want to relocate taking their households with them to their new home overseas.


With us you have a professional and supportive team that can tackle your uncertainty and insecurity.