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Why should I get an SML consultancy

Why should I get a consultancy?


You moving company can´t decide for you the best timing and whether you should sort out your household and witch articles you should be shipping. Nor do they know, for the most part, the reality of the country you are moving to.

There are economic, climate-related and emotional reasons to ship an item or not. You have to know the parameters to take a mature decision you won´t regret.


The assessment of the your household´s size is subject to a huge margin of discretion and varies quite a lot from company to company.


Some companies (even some very big ones) make claims they can´t deliver and end up tying you up as prompt as possible following the slogan: first secure the customer, the “how we´ll do it” we can check later...

You don´t want to be the guinea pig for the mover´s new foreign partner. And you definitely don´t want to be responsible for finding a partner agent abroad for your mover...

This situation happens more often than we all would expect.


Some items demand special treatment and documentation beyond the average mover´s recommendation because they usually trigger additional handling by customs that usually surpass the item´s value.


The mover will advise you in regards of certain articles and customs, relying on his own information or on the potential information his overseas partner could possibly have.

Bear in mind that in some countries customs is impossible to address and information isn´t always transparent...

If all else fails, you can be assured that neither customs nor the mover can be held accountable for will always be prompted to pay the bills, unless you have a unlimited relocation package with a big company.

Until the payment isn’t made your household/ life will be withheld in the harbour swallowing up to hundreds of Dollars a day.


We are aware of cases where containers have been withheld for up to 6 months and the costs originated surpassed the content´s value many times over.

Periodically those containers come under the hammer.


Intermediate stages of the process like customs clearance may often be outsourced to third parties (without informing you beforehand) increasing considerably the risk of errors.

Little typographic mistakes lead to a cascade of delay and deferment and you as the customer are always the one to pay for it.


Insurance protection is usually extremely expensive and is a subject normally neglected by movers.


It is crucial to know how to assess the real value your stuff has and optimize your application to generate an insurance fee that is compatible with your household and your finances. If you don´t do the Math correctly you may end up paying an insurance fee as high as the value of your move...


Armed with knowledge you will spot the traps and gain control making the mover report to you everything relevant you should know. He will also know that you are a client who is supervising and in control.


International moves require an international standard of packing and loading. This is mandatory to minimize damage and avoid inappropriate scrutinizing by customs. You must nor use the material used in domestic moves.

Some movers address this issue with a lot of looseness. Be sure you´re getting what you are paying for.


You should be able to demand that all your designated and documented items be loaded and shipped and also be entitled to enforce it. Accompanying your move from the very beginning is the best way to avoid the famous “let´s see what fits in” at the end of the loading.


It´s frustrating and even excruciating to shoulder such high costs having to leave back important objects at the end of the day. We can tell you out of our own experience: some of those losses are hard to overcome.


Without the awareness of


  • the real general risks,

  • the real financial risks,

  • the impact of poor decisions and delay and

  • the inherent distress caused



the relocation project turns into a Russian roulette.



With our expertise and our decade-long experience we provide you the set of skills you need to face this challenge

extremely privileged ,equipping you with the hacks and jokers you need.


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