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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for the consultancy fee?
You´ll send us preliminary information including pictures of your household concerning your planned relocation. Based on this information we will analyse your international move plans. In an online conference lasting 4 hours we will follow the 22 chapters of the shipping-my-life consultancy emphasizing your personal needs and demands.
How much time ahead should I plan my international move?
It depends a lot on your family´s situation and on the size and type of your household. As a rule of thumb we can state that for an average family 1 year is a time frame that enables a detailed and safe planning. In some cases 6 months can be enough. In exceptional cases a shorter planning is needed, posing additional challenges.
What information do you need from me in order to get started?
We´ll send you a questionnaire you fill out and send back to us. We need information concerning your current domicile, which country you are planning to relocate to and some details about your household. Photographs of your furniture are of great help. We will also ask you to provide us information about your previous international relocation experiences.
Is my Data safe with shipping-my-life?
Definitely YES. We will never ever sell your personal data to any third party. Secrecy is part of our business-model! Our servers are located in Switzerland offering our clients the ultimate technical and political data safety. Check our Privacy Policy for further information.
How much does an international move cost?
The total costs depend on the shipping (weather by truck or by ship), the route, the size and value of your household and also on the time of the year you intend to ship your household. Unforeseen shortage of containers can increase considerably the shipping costs and may even force you to reschedule your relocation.
Is a relocation within the European Union also an international move?
Yes it is, but in this case you don´t have the hassle of customs clearance and thus you are much more flexible in terms of what you are allowed to ship. Nevertheless the planning and special shipping remains the same.
Is the SML consultancy exclusively for international moves?
No, the principles are applicable to domestic moves as well. In some very large countries like the USA, China or Russia interstate relocations may have shipping destinations that are thousand of Km / miles away, taking days or even weeks to deliver. In some large countries like Brazil the roads outside the southern and south-eastern states are sometimes a dodgy collection of never ending potholes. Packing your stuff following the international standards is mandatory.
Can you help me even if I already contracted a moving company?
Definitely yes. It is of great help to learn how to fight, but not in an is necessary to learn how to fight before you get involuntarily sucked into a fight. Learning the rules of the game is the first step.
Do you perform web analytics, tracking user´s data?
We utilize the “matomo” on-premise alalytics tool. The tracking system runs on our own servers in Switzerland and your entire activity data stays exclusively on our servers. This data is not transferred.


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